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Luton Council: Increasing Efforts by UK Local Authorities to Safeguard Children’s Health Through Bans on Junk Food Ads

Local authorities are stepping up the junk food ad ban as the U.K. Government rows back on policies. The image shows 4 donuts that represent highly calorific foods that can cause diabetes when eaten regularly over a long period

The war on junk food: Luton Council, situated in the South East of England, has joined the growing list of UK authorities taking steps to…

6 Great Tips on How to give medicine to pets

It can be difficult to give medicine to pets, we show you how to avoid the pitfalls and use a different method

As pet owners, we always want the best for our furry companions. When our pets are sick or need medication, we want to ensure they…

Calpol Syringe Replacement

Calpol replacement syringe

We are seeing an ever-increasing requirement for Calpol® syringe replacement syringes. To help identify which of our syringes you need, we have matched our oral…

How to use a 5ml Oral Syringe

A description of how to use a 5ml oral syringe, alternative names for oral syringes such as medicine syringe, and an infographic showing how to read a syringe

What you need to know:When you use a 5ml oral syringe, it is the same as using 1 teaspoon. If a medicine or prescription instruction…

Strep A

Strep A symptoms checklist infographic A 6 point list on the common conditions for Scarlet Fever and Strep A

Strep A is a common type of bacteria. Most strep A infections are mild and easily treated, but some are more serious. What to do…

Is there a connection between maternal obesity, diabetes and an increased risk of having a child with ADHD?

Astonishing report finds that obesity in pregnancy can cause ADHD in the womb

A study published online before print, “The Role of Excessive Weight Gain During Pregnancy in the Development of ADHD in Offspring of Women with Gestational…

An oral alternative to insulin injections could soon be offered through a new tablet

Insulin alternative tablet instead of injection

According to scientists from the University of British Columbia, Canada, their latest oral insulin tablet alternative to an insulin injection formulation absorbs insulin as effectively…

How to use an oral syringe

How to use an oral syringe as a replacement for a spoon

How to use an oral syringe to give medicine to a child ‍ Giving medications to children can often be frustrating for parents, especially when…

Give Children Medicine: 5 Tips for How To Easily Win the Battle.

The battle with medication and children, how to win it

The medicine battle Do you give children medicine and can it be a battle? The worst is when they refuse to take the medicine and…