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Calpol Syringe Replacement

Calpol replacement syringe

We are seeing an ever-increasing requirement for Calpol® syringe replacement syringes. To help identify which of our syringes you need, we have matched our oral syringes with the Calpol® dose recommended for the child’s age. We have 2 oral syringes that fit directly into the Calpol® bottle bung.

Calpol Syringe Replacement:

3ml Precision oral syringe

5ml Precision oral syringe

Remember that you can also remove the Calpol® bottle bung and insert the oral syringe into the bottle without restriction. If you choose to remove the bottle bung, this will allow you to insert the oral syringe fully into the bottle, without restriction. You can use our 10ml Precision oral syringe and will be able to give your child the 7.5ml or 10ml dose in one go.

The tip design of our Calpol® Syringe Replacement will allow you to easily use all of the Calpol in the bottle.

Please remember to check the current dose details with the Calpol® information sheet supplied with every bottle or the Calpol® website.

Calpol Infant Suppression Replacement Syringe advice

If you would like to download this file, then please click the button to download it as a pdf.

Calpol® is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson, and we have no affiliation or connection with either brand entities.

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