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Precision 10ml Oral Syringe (Pack of 5) CE Marked


  • Pack of 5 Precision 10ml Oral Syringes – the best Oral Syringe available
  • Purple colour barrel as recommended by NPSA (National Patient Safety Agency)
  • CE Marked
  • Key feature: No rubber grommet
  • Clear and accurate graduations starting at 0.2ml
  • Latex-free
  • Easily distinguished from intravenous syringes
  • Ideal for dispensing pre-made medicines and specials to infants, adults, and animals.
  • Easy to administer medicine with one hand
  • Washable
  • Reusable – up to and sometimes over a year’s worth of use depending on application
  • Graduations don’t wear off over time
  • Easy to use

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  • Free delivery is available when you purchase 2 or more packs
  • Save 5% when you buy 2 packs
  • Save 10% when you buy 3 packs
  • Save 15% when you buy 4 packs or more

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Precision 10ml Oral Syringe (Pack of 5 Syringes)


Precision 10ml Oral Syringes are designed to be used over and over again, and with their unique construction, they do away with the rubber grommet that causes cheap oral syringes to stick and become unusable within days.
Saving money and helping the environment
By buying Precision Oral Syringes, you will save money and help the environment by purchasing less frequently and producing less waste to landfill (so they are better for the environment through increased longevity).
Purchase just once or twice a year
Precision Oral Syringes are so reliable that most of our customers purchase from us just once or twice a year (per person requiring medication based on 2 packs of 4 Precision Oral Syringes being purchased).
  • Example: £10 per year for Reusable Precision Oral Syringes
  • Inferior single-use syringes upwards of £50 per year plus waste to landfill.


Made in Europe under rigorous CE health and safety standards, you know that they can be relied upon.



The Precision 10ml Oral Medicine Syringe can help you to administer medication with greater accuracy. With this syringe, you can measure the exact dose of medication that you need, which means that you will not waste any of the medication. Additionally, this oral syringe is designed to prevent dosing errors.

By using this syringe, you can ensure that you are receiving the correct dosage of medication and that you are using your medication as effectively as possible. Suitable for anyone who needs precise oral dosing of medicine, for babies, children, the vulnerable, and the elderly who need to take oral suspensions and Specials.

Can be used to replace the Calpol syringe, 10ml syringe, 10ml syringe Boots, Tesco syringe, oral syringe Superdrug, or spoons used by Calpol and is the best oral syringe for a baby.

Safe for Animals

Can also be used to administer oral medications to animals when required.

Condition is New. Dispatched via Royal Mail Large Letter.

If you have any questions regarding our Oral Syringes, please view our Frequently Asked Questions or send us a message.

For more information on giving medicine to small children and others in the UK, please refer to the NHS website.

Other sizes & options:

1ml Oral Syringe

3ml Oral Syringe

5ml Oral Syringe


Weight55 g


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